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Widzew Lodz Fans are Still Fanatical about Ipswich Town!

When a driver and big Widzew Lodz fan, Mariusz Zawiasa, visited our warehouse in Ipswich, he was pleasantly surprised to see the artwork displayed around the Anchor Freight warehouse complex, especially its homage to the glory days of Ipswich Town Football Club. He spoke to us of the love he has for his club, and the obsession the Polish city of Lodz still has with Ipswich Town, who beat Widzew in 1981 on their way to UEFA Cup glory, and the city hasn’t forgotten it. “It’s great that your football club’s achievements have been honoured and remembered, I had to take a photo and share with all my family and friends”. He goes on, “There is even an entire wall dedicated to Ipswich Town in the club’s museum”.


As part of our drive for greater sustainability within our supply chain, Anchor Freight recently renovated the site of a former boiler factory in the White House area of Ipswich into a warehousing and rework facility, with a particular focus on making the site carbon efficient in line with the company’s desire to achieve the ISO 14001 standard.

Most of the staff at the Ipswich site are Town supporters, with some of the more senior members remembering the glory days. Therefore, to recognise the achievements of the club, the four main buildings were renamed after the two greatest managers of the club (Sir Alf, Ramsey, Sir Bobby and Robson) with the largest building also showing artwork of the three major trophies won under these managers (First Division Title 1961/62, FA Cup 1978 and UEFA Cup 1981).

Mariusz also told us that his father (Krzysztof Zawiasa) attended the game in Poland and still talks about it to this day. Also, because of that game, there are many fans of Ipswich Town in the city and several his friends still travel over for games to support Ipswich.

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